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Management Systems Training

Why do we need Quality Management System (QMS) Standards?

The level of complexity of today’s business organization may require extensive documentation and controls to fulfill legal obligations and meet goals and objectives. Many businesses operating in regulated sectors require a more systemized organizational structure to achieve objectives. These objectives can involve product or service quality, operational efficiency, medical device development, environmental impacts, workplace health & safety, and more. To be competitive, many organizations have developed Quality Management Systems (QMS) to meet those requirements.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Management Standards target specific organizational goals and risk management.  Internationally developed and recognized, they provide a common structure of compliance that is trusted worldwide. A program of regular internal audits and audit certification to these standards provides the structure for compliance and continual improvement of the QMS system.

How can QC Training Services help with your Quality Management System standard compliance?

QC Training Services, Inc. has been providing on-site auditing services since 1986 with Exemplar Global, Probitas, and ASQ Certified Auditors.  In addition, we provide auditor training workshops to comply with ISO, IATF, and AS standards requirements.


When an organization may not have the resources to support internal or supplier audit requirements, or may have difficulty avoiding auditing their own work, we can manage your entire Internal and/or Supplier Audit Programs.


Our experienced professional auditors have performed ISO implementation projects throughout the nation as well as internationally. If you are considering ISO certification in your organization, we are here to help. We can do complete pre-assessment audits of your quality system to determine readiness for a registrar certification audit.


A trained auditor team will provide the foundational insight your QMS monitoring system requires to maintain continuous improvement and risk mitigation.    Our auditor training workshops are grouped below by QMS standard and auditing categories. Click a course below to view currently scheduled classes.