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Fundamentals of GD&T Instructional Training Materials

GD&T Instructor’s Package

Based on the 2018 Y14.5 Standard!

Instructor Package Includes:

  1. Textbook – Fundamentals of GD&T, 6th Edition, by Dan Medford This 340+ page spiral-bound textbook explains in an easy-to-understand format the fundamental and intermediate concepts that are presented in the 1994, 2009, and 2018 ASME Y14.5 standards.
  2. Workbook – Exercise Workbook with Tests and QuizzesEach unit has exercises and quizzes with answers for individuals and teams. Also, a Pre-skills Exam and Final Exam with answers is included.
  3. Key Instructional Material – This is a professionally designed and produced PowerPoint presentation which contains more than 500 high-quality slides with hundreds of color drawings and diagrams.
  4. Reference Chart Package:
    • GD&T Characteristics – This 11” x 17” chart is a quick-reference chart that gives the main aspects and rules of all 14 geometric characteristics.
    • ASME Y14.5 Revisions – This 11” x 17” chart depicts GD&T Y14.5 revision changes from 1994, 2009, and 2018.
    • ASME vs. ISO Comparison – This 11″ x 17″ chart is a quick-reference chart that compares main characteristics of the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard to the current ISO standard.
  5. Instructor’s Guide – Includes complete classroom instructions for the instructor.

Instructor Package Cost: $1250

  • Optional Add-on: GD&T Model Kit – This comprehensive 15-piece kit 3-D printed models that help the instructor to visually demonstrate GD&T concepts to the students – $775


Includes free standard shipping within the continental U.S.

 Instructor Package Purchase Terms and Conditions:

  1. Available only for internal company or educational institution training at a single location only.
  2. Assumes a purchase of 10 or more sets of materials at a discounted rate.
  3. Requires a signed Instruction Use Only License Agreement.
  4. Invoice must be paid in full before Kit files are released and materials are shipped.
  5. New releases are subject to additional costs.