ISO 9001:2015 Requirements from A to Z – Online

  • Delivery Option: Online
  • Subject Category: Auditing
  • Cost: $429
  • Number of Days: 120 days

Course Summary

This course is for auditors, supervisors and managers who want to:
• learn about ISO 9001 requirements
• interpret the ISO 9001 standard
• apply ISO 9001 to their work situation
• assess the application of risk-based thinking into the quality management system

The course is based on the ISO 9001 portion of a certified lead auditor course. The course includes the ISO 9001 standard (not to be copied or shared) and over a dozen downloadable handouts such as: an ISO 9001 checklist, a printable desk reference with all the course text information, study tips, a before course assessment, and after course objectives. Students must apply what they learned by completion of an assignment for marking by an instructor.

The course consists of a series of lessons, illustrations, diagrams, interactive exercises, and quizzes. Included is a printable desk reference with all the course text information.

Successful completion of the course will result in a certificate for 16 contact hours (1.8 CEUs). The subscription period for the course is 120 days plus a free 30-day subscription extension upon request if needed.

Course Objectives

Managers and auditors will able to:

  • use the ISO 9000 vocabulary
  • interpret the ISO 9001 requirements clause-by-clause
  • apply ISO 9001 to their work situation
  • assess conformances or non-conformances against the specified requirements
  • assess application of risk-based thinking

Technical Requirements

  • Intel Pentium processor/compatible
  • 800×600 resolution color monitor
  • 1 GB of RAM recommended
  • Access to the internet, high speed preferred but not required
  • A browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Acrobat Reader (free plug-in)
  • Adobe Flash/Shockwave Player (free plug-in)
  • Java script