ISO 9001:2015 Certified Internal Auditor

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Auditing
  • Cost: $1295
  • Number of Days: 3

Course Summary

Upon completion of this course, participants will fully understand and successfully interpret the ISO 9001:2015 requirements, as well as be able to:

  • Understand how to audit using the process approach
  • Ask audit questions that get results
  • Identify and document nonconformities
  • Audit to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • Qualify additional staff to conduct internal audits
  • Provide critical knowledge for your management staff
  • Gain insight into the ISO 9001:2015 audit requirements to augment/sustain your existing program
  • Gain knowledge to help manage a successful ISO 9001:2015 implementation project
  • Provide professional credentials to your internal auditors
  • Conduct an audit against the ISO 19011 Audit Standard
  • Provide critical knowledge for your staff and management

Target Audience

Those responsible for conducting or participating in internal audits for ISO 9001:2015 or other Management System Standard. Those who must perform audits to ISO 9001:2015. Any employees or associates acting as an internal audit team member, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance professionals, ISO Project Managers, ISO Project Team Members or anyone desiring an understanding of the ISO 9001:2015 Audit Process.

Course Objectives

Day One
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Background, History and Rationale for Quality Assurance
  • Introduction to Documents and Resources
  • Analysis of the Contents of ISO 9001:2015
  • Audit of the Active Manufacturing (Audit #1)
  • Process Approach Overview
  • Audits and Audit Findings
  • Exemplar Global and U.S. Certification System
  • Auditor Qualifications
  • Rolls and Responsibilities of Auditors
Day Two
  • Audit of Active Mfg. Documents Audits (Audit #2)
  • Creation of Effective Audit Checklist
  • Auditing Tips for the Professional Auditor
  • Auditing Tips for the Internal Auditor
  • Audit of Active Mfg. Departments (Audit #3)
  • Compiling Audit Findings
  • Documentation in the Quality System
  • Refining Interview and Note – Taking Skills
  • Planning and Conducting Audits
  • Applicability of the Elements to Company Situations
  • Corrective Action Initiation and Closure
Day Three
  • Audit Demonstrations and Critique
  • Audit of Active Mfg. Dept. and System Auditing (Audit #4)
  • Refining Interview and Note – Taking Skills
  • Compiling Audit Findings
  • Creation of an Audit Report
Review & EXAM


*This course, performed in partnership with AQS Management Systems, is accredited in the Exemplar Global (formerly RABQSA) National Accreditation Program (NAP), and meets the training portion of the requirements for certification of individual Quality Management System Internal Auditors.