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Auditing and Consulting

Auditing and Consulting

We have been providing on-site auditing and consultation since 1986. Our consultants have assisted in thousands of ISO implementation projects from simple daylong auditor consultation to implementation of entire quality systems.


Supplier Audits and Pre-Assessment Audits – 2nd and 3rd Party

ISO 9001:2015 specifies in clause 8.4.1,  1) The organization shall ensure that externally provided processes, products, and services conform to requirements, and that 2) The organization shall determine and apply criteria for the evaluation, selection, monitoring of performance, and re-evaluation of eternal providers, based on their ability to provide processes or product and services in accordance with requirements.

These are sometimes referred to as subcontractor audits and vendor surveys. We can provide you with these auditing services for your own internal procedures as well as performing those time-consuming supplier audits. We provide local, national and international supplier audits for almost any industry – automotive, aerospace, plastics, medical, chemical, general manufacturing and more. In many situations, we provide Spanish-speaking audit and training services.

These audits of course will be specific to your requirements and can either be based on International standards such as ISO 9000 or tailored to your specific industry sector requirements. We prepare formal, detailed audit reports, allowing you to make an informed judgment on the commitment and ability of your suppliers to provide you with quality goods and services.

We can also do complete pre-assessment audits of your quality system to determine readiness for a certification audit by a registrar.

Gap Analysis and Quality Systems Implementation Support

Our experienced professional auditors have performed thousands of ISO implementation projects throughout the nation as well as internationally. If you are considering ISO certification in your organization, we’re there to help. Of course, this pairs nicely with company-wide ISO training as we work together establishing and implementing that perfect-fit system at your company.

Quality Manuals and Procedures

Whether you have a working system in place or not, we can assist you as you assemble a manual that tells your customers and your employees what you do, and procedures that tell everyone how to do it!

There are different ways to bring this system into your own company communication structure, whether it be a database system, web-based intranet, a simple folder system or a paperless linked documentation system. We can use Word or other applications to hyper-link all of your procedures, work instructions, checklists, illustrative pictures and video clips with a click of the mouse.

Auditor Training

We offer certified auditor training, in-person and virtual workshops, for ISO and AS9100 standards. See the complete listing on our Management Systems Training page.

Probitas Authentication

Of course, we perform on-site consultation relating to all of the courses that we offer.

Please give us a call at any time to see how we can help your company save money through our Training and Consulting offerings at 952-746-5725 M-F, 8am-5pm CST (U.S). Or: