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Auditing and Consulting

Auditing and Consulting

We have been providing on-site auditing and consultation since 1986. Our consultants have assisted in ISO implementation projects from simple daylong auditor consultation to implementation of entire quality systems.

Quality Strategy Development

We will develop a Quality strategy for your organization, which will include an overarching system and process whereby quality assurance and quality improvement activities are incorporated and infused into all aspects of your organization’s operations.

Quality Management System Gap Analysis and Recommendations

We will assess the current state of your quality management system against ISO 9001 or any other applicable Management System Standard requirements and identify the gaps. This process will determine any issues, faults, or potential risks which need to be rectified prior to applying for certification.  Our experts can help implement and train your team to the standard as well.


Measurement Strategy Development

We will develop a Measurement Strategy which establishes a common understanding and defines units being measured in your manufacturing facility. A Metrology Roadmap considering the measurement equipment for your business will be developed. A detailed understanding of measurement uncertainty as it applies to managing calibration of equipment as well as tolerance to accuracy ratio will be formulated.


Quality Team Culture and Performance Enhancement

We will help improve your team culture, reduce stress, and create a high-performance team using the principles and tools of Mental Fitness.

GD&T FundamentalsGD&T Consulting

We will assess, make recommendations, and provide specific direction while helping implement GD&T into your design and drawing development processes. Current part prints can serve as a foundation for discussions to bring the much-needed applied knowledge of the subject of GD&T.

Training Gap Assessment (Training Roadmap)

We will help identify the competency, knowledge, or skills that your employees lack, and provide a plan to upskill your employees and team to the desired levels. Quality, Metrology, Design, as well as Manufacturing personnel can benefit from this activity.

 Quality Tools Deployment

We will help you plan and execute the implementation of appropriate quality tools used to identify and fix issues related to product or process quality.  Basic to Advanced tools will be put forth to test and improved outcomes will bring your team as well as organization to a higher performance level positively impacting the bottom line.

Of course, we perform on-site consultation relating to all of the courses that we offer.

Please contact us at any time to see how we can help your company save money through our Training and Consulting offerings.