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Organizational Improvement Training


INDUSTRY 4.0 – What is it and how can your organization prepare for the challenges facing this transformation?

Industry 4.0, also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, refers to a dramatic change in the way we do business. The complexity fueled by the Information Age and the need to automate the design to manufacturing product life cycle pushes organizational limits. The major forces underlying this fourth industrial revolution cultural shift is the monumental growth in data, dependence on emerging tools for data analysis, and the human-machine adaptation to the new realities of work. 

Our Organizational Improvement courses can provide a framework for managing this transformation. Learning is basic to successful managing of this unavoidable technological change. Be proactive in understanding the basic foundational improvement structure and tools.  Understand the key to that improvement is people, leadership development, and enhancing productivity through tools for successful team participation.  Fundamental to success across the organization is learning the basics of problem solving and mastering the basic Core Tools of Quality.

Additionally, in the new post-COVID era, significant challenges are experienced by Quality and Manufacturing leaders and their teams. Staff shortages and retention issues, supply chain challenges, communication issues, and lack of trust are just few of those challenges faced, causing significant stress and potential leadership conflicts.  It is critical to provide tools for enhancing team performance and reducing stress, such as Mental Fitness, and to improve leadership skills for quality and manufacturing leaders to address and provide direction to mitigate these significant challenges that have a direct effect on the bottom line. This and more can be found in the training offered by QC Training services.

Successfully navigate learning and thrive in the coming transformation of work!