Success in Training: Part 2

There are many different schools of thought regarding training and how to ensure its effectiveness for an organization.  Some common questions should be answered well in advance of the training.   In this 4 part series, each of the questions will be broken down to properly plan for effective training.

Part 2 of 4:”What’s In It For Me?”

That’s the question your workers will have in being expected to delay work in order to attend training, especially if travel is required.  Manage expectations by communicating the reason for the training and the benefits – both short- and long-term to the employee and company.All learners want to know how relevant the training will be.  Employees need to understand what benefit the training has toward their job because everyone is busy with the day-to-day tasks of their job.  As learning facilitators, we need to remain aware of that fact.Employees will remain eager to learn as long as it is 1) short, 2) interactive, and 3) related to their job.

Keep those three ideas in mind and you will increase the likelihood of a quality training experience and engage each person so they realize the true value of “not working”.

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