Leadership Development Workshop for Quality and Manufacturing Leaders – VIRTUAL

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Cost: $400
  • Number of Days: 4 hours

Course Summary

In this post-pandemic era, leadership skills in Quality and Manufacturing leaders are becoming even more critical to ensure employees stay engaged and motivated and to improve performance and retention in team members. Join this Leadership Development Workshop with Nirav Sheth, Leadership Coach, to learn about Mental Fitness and how it can enhance your personal and professional leadership and increase collaboration, retention and performance in your team.

Course Objectives

You will learn about the parts of your brain that sabotage your leadership (your Saboteurs) or help your leadership (your Sage). Saboteurs react to challenges in ways that generate negative emotions such as stress, disappointment, self-doubt, or guilt. These Saboteurs have a significant negative impact on your leadership.  Your Sage, on the other hand, handles leadership challenges through positive emotions like empathy, curiosity, creativity and laser-focused action.

During this workshop, you will learn about your own Saboteurs, how they impact your leadership and how you can transform your leadership to be more Sage-driven instead of Saboteur-driven, thereby taking your leadership skills and impact to the next level.

Key Takeaways for Leadership Development Introductory Workshop:

  • PowerPoint Presentation handout
  • Saboteur Assessment
  • How Your Saboteurs impact your leadership
  • Simple and powerful exercises to enhance leadership
  • 4 Pillars for Creating High-Performing Teams