Quality 101 Foundational Concepts

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Cost: $845
  • Number of Days: 2

Course Summary

This class is designed to spark a fire for the love of Quality through an introduction of what quality is and its benefits. This class explores the main areas of Quality – foundational concepts and vocabulary, basic tools and methods, and tools that can be applied on the job immediately.

This course also available in a Virtual Instructor-Led format.


“The teacher was very knowledgeable about quality and with only 2 days of training, I feel confident of improvements I can make within my company. I’ll recommend the training to everyone.” – Juan, Minnesota

“Fantastic overview of essential quality elements and the importance for companies in all industries. The examples given in the materials were good, but the additional examples/experiences given by the instructor were outstanding.” – Eric, Michigan

“This has been an excellent introduction to quality process and ISO and a great refresher on lean practices.” – Scott, Minnesota

“It got my wheels spinning on some great ways to improve production quality.” – John, Minnesota

Target Audience

Engineers, Managers, Executives, Supervisors, or Practitioners that are new to quality, seeking an overview or a starting place to launch their Quality journey.

Course Objectives

This program provides a fundamental and practical overview of quality, the evolution of quality systems, and their applications. Problem solving tools and root cause analysis, along with statistics are discussed.

  • Definition of Quality
  • Why quality is important to employees, the organization and customers
  • Benefits of quality and the concept of cost of quality
  • Key concepts of total quality management and process improvement
  • Seven commonly used quality tools and how they are used in problem solving
  • Understanding of common quality roles
  • Introduction to common QMS Standards (ISO 9001, etc.)
  • The root cause analysis process
  • The role of statistics in decision making and DOE
  • A brief history of quality and some noted influences


  • Defining Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost/Benefits of Quality
  • Quality Systems
    • Documentation
    • Quality Management
    • Standards Overview
    • Audits
  • Concept of Organizational Excellence
  • Review of Quality in Service
  • Metrology
  • Inspection
  • Process diagram
  • Statistical decision making
  • Evolution of Quality and Gurus
  • Continual Improvement Code Words
    • (benchmarking, JIT, Six Sigma, TQM, Zero Defects, ISO9001, Kaizen, Lean, Cpk)
  • DOE Intro
  • 7 TQM tools
  • Root Cause & CAPA
  • AIAG core pack