Precision Dimensional Measurement – Online

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Course Summary

Advance your career with a low-cost online course in precision dimensional measurement, tools and techniques.

Target Audience

Production workers, machine operators, inspection personnel, or anyone looking to expand their knowledge of precision measurement technique and tools.

Course Objectives

This course takes approximately 8 hours to complete.
  • Linear Measurements Standards
    • Definition of the Meter, Length Standards, Units of Measure
  • Measuring Instruments
    • Micrometers, Calipers, Types and Accuracies, Selection, Sensitivity, and Accuracy of Measuring Instruments, Absolute and Comparison Measure, Causes of Error and Correction: Temperature, Gage Deformation, Elastic Deformation, Error Analysis
  • Gage Blocks
    • History, Requirements, Methods of Measuring, Traceability, Uncertainty, Surface Finish, Thermal Expansion, Selection, Precautions, Calibration, Wringing, Types and Characteristics
  • Making Angular Measurements
    • Clinometers, Sine Bars and tables; Trigonometric functions, Practical applications; Angle gage blocks
  • Optical Instruments
    • Using the eye as an optical instrument, Hints for making precise optical measurements, Use and principles of Optical flats, Grades, Light Interferometry, Light Interference, Reflection, Calculating surface flatness using interference patterns, Reading flatness error, Care of optical measurement devices, Microscopes, Comparator

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