GD&T Functional Gage Design (1-day)

  • Delivery Option: On-Site Only
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Number of Days: 1 day

Course Summary

This 1-day workshop teaches design of functional gages based on ASME Y14.43-2011.


“It was well worth the cost and time spent and helped me with my overall understanding of GD&T and functional gage design.” – Matthew, MI

“Informative and comprehensive.” – Robert

Target Audience

Anyone involved in manufacturing process – from design to inspection.

Course Objectives

By learning the proper application of functional gaging and inspection techniques you will increase your production of quality parts. Understand how to design and build your functional gaging and inspection processes and develop inspection criteria directly related to the part’s application. Inspect and measure with confidence.


  • General Concepts and definitions
  • Absolute Tolerancing
  • Optimistic Tolerancing
  • Practical Absolute Tolerancing
  • Tolerant Tolerancing
  • Typical Gaging examples
  • Accounting for Wear
  • Moveable datums specified in datum reference frame
  • Coaxial Datums
  • External Threads
  • Moveable datums with the translate symbol
  • Irregularly shaped hole as a datum
  • Composite Tolerancing
  • Using push pins and threaded holes
  • Datum callouts specifying degrees of freedom
  • Planar datums at MMB and BASIC
  • Plenty of hands-on exercises
This is a shortened version of our GD&T – Functional Gage Design 2-day workshop.