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Questions about our Public Training (Virtual Instructor-Led or In-Person)

QCTS offers several ways to save money on training:

  • Early Registration Discounts: Our best prices are available when you buy at least 30 days before the class starts. These prices are listed as “Sale” prices and will disappear when the class start date is within 30 days.
  • Multiple-Seat Discount: We offer discounts for our In-Person and Virtual Instructor-Led public classes when buying more than one seat. So, if you are looking to take more than one class, or take a class with a co-worker, a discount for each seat will be applied automatically at checkout if you register for both at the same time!
  • Note: only one kind of discount will be applied, the Early Registration discount OR the Multiple Seat discount.
  • Your company can either host an In-Person class at your facility or a Virtual Instructor-Led training. This tends to bring the per student cost below the public class prices and has the added benefit of being able to address specific issues within your company. This option is best if there are at least 5 or more students.
QC Training Services, Inc. reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any class and/or change instructors if necessary. QC Training Services, Inc. cannot and will not assume responsibility for travel expenses and/or penalties from canceled travel plans. QCTS will make all attempts to notify and reschedule registrants at the earliest possibility, usually within 3 weeks prior to class/workshop.

QCTS publishes our public class schedule on a quarterly basis, so if you don’t see a class listed, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your need.

Once a class registration has been submitted, cancellation fees will be as follows:

  • 30 calendar days prior to class: FULL Refund
  • Up to 15 calendar days prior: A $75 administrative fee will be charged
  • 11-14 calendar days prior: 50% of registration cost
  • 10 calendar days: NO Refund (100% of registration cost charged)

Substitutions or transfers may be accepted. Please contact us for class and date availability.

Registrants not attending and not canceling are responsible for 100% of the class cost. No exceptions.

Materials, including standard shipping costs, are included in the price of the classes (except for the ASQ Review classes) for all students within the United States. Expedited shipping charges may apply. When registering for a Virtual Instructor-Led class that requires materials to be shipped outside of the United States, please know that QCTS may need to collect additional funds to cover those expenses. Contact us before registering for more details.

ASQ Review classes require the students to obtain their own materials and begin studying before the start of the class. See the individual ASQ Review course descriptions for details on what specific materials the students should purchase.

Yes, learners will get the same valuable educational experience whether they take a course in person or virtually. The only meaningful difference is that Virtual Instructor-Led courses run for different windows of time and utilize different technology than in-person courses. However, there are some courses that we do not offer in a virtual setting, due to the hands-on requirements.
Before your virtual class, you will receive an email from the training coordinator with instructions detailing how to log into your course, what tools and equipment you might need during your course, and other helpful information. Be sure that the email you use during registration is one you have easy access to, as this is where you will receive your instructions and login info.
QCTS does not permit recording/sharing of any kind for any class. QCTS does not permit sharing of proprietary information of any kind for any class with anyone and/or business.

QC Training does not supply accommodations and/or travel plans. The student is responsible for all necessary accommodations as they need for their individual comfort. When available, we will share any hotel discounts/information. QC Training Services, Inc. cannot and will not assume responsibility for travel expenses and/or penalties from canceled travel plans.

All our public classes are within a professional building that may have a dress code. While there is not a specific dress code for in-person classes, please keep in mind that professional clothing (i.e., business casual) is appropriate.

Yes, please show up to class prepared for the best classroom experience. Recommended items may include QCTS materials that have been sent to you (Virtual Instructor-Led classes), computer, pencil, paper, sweater/jacket for a cooler room environment and any desired snacks and/or beverages.

QCTS provides a light breakfast, and a nice lunch for participants as part of the registration.

We understand that COVID is unpredictable. If the opportunity presents itself, we may reschedule your class if you have a doctor’s written confirmation of COVID. QC Training Services takes your health seriously and abides by all current COVID regulations.

Course certificates will be emailed to you upon verification of attendance.

QCTS provides training at various locations throughout the United States. Specific addresses for the In-Person training locations will be sent by email to the registrants.

With a few exceptions, course materials will be shipped to the address you provide in your registration.

Questions about our Training for Teams (Virtual Instructor-Led or In-Person)

If a class is canceled after signed acceptance of a proposal, the customer will be responsible to reimburse all incurred travel expenses and all materials, plus a $500 admin fee. Major changes to the training after signed acceptance of the proposal may be subject to $250 administrative fee.

Yes, our instructors are trained and knowledgeable in many technical domains and have field expertise. This allows them freedom to teach multiple class with a vast range.

Class size limits are dependent on the course. So, while Training for Teams for most of the courses becomes cost effective when there are at least 5 students in the class, we are happy to discuss other options. Some courses, such as Gage Calibration Methods and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) training, require a lot of hands-on supervision, so we do significantly limit the sizes of those classes.

Yes, QC Training Services can customize any of our courses to meet our customer’s particular need. We can customize to create overview training, or something more tailored to your needs. Additional charges for customizing a class may apply. Contact us for a proposal.

Payment terms for Training for Teams is 25% down to reserve the date, with the remaining due before the start of training.

QCTS does not permit recording/sharing of any kind for any class. QCTS does not permit sharing of proprietary information of any kind for any class with anyone and/or business.
QCTS’s Coordinator will provide electronic certificates to the person from your company who arranged the training.

The cost varies per course, number of students, and any travel expenses for non-local instructors. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide a proposal.

Login credentials will be emailed to you and your co-workers along with a calendar invite.

Questions about our Online Self-Paced Training Programs

For Individuals: You can sign up for the course on our website by adding the desired course to your cart and then checking out. We will then email the course access information to you within two business days.

For Companies & Groups: Contact us and we will be happy to put together an estimate incorporating our group discounts.

Payment is due at the time of registration. QCTS accepts all major credit cards as well as checks or ACH for payment. Registration with payments other than credit cards need to go through a training coordinator. Contact us for those options.

Course access will not be granted until the course is paid in full. When payment is received, please allow up to 48 hours to receive the course access email instructions. If you believe you should have already received that email, please contact us after checking your junk folder.

Within 48 hours of a paid registration, you should receive an email with course access instructions. Please follow those instructions and let us know if you have any issues.

QCTS’s Online Self-Paced courses are available 24/7 on any device. You will have access to video content as well as review handouts and quiz questions to reinforce the material.

Online training registrations are only available as one license per person. If multiple people are requesting the training, each person must purchase their own seat for the program. Group discounts are available for any group of 2 or more participants. Contact us for pricing or more information on group discounts.

Courses have varying subscriptions lengths. This information can be found on the QC Training Services, Inc. website within the individual course page. The subscription time begins on the day you receive your course access email.

Group discounts are available for any group of 2 or more participants. To be eligible for these discounts, you must Contact us before making your purchase.

Once QC Training has issued login credentials to the student for their registered class, the registrations are not refundable, transferable, and may not be cancelled.

QCTS does not permit recording/sharing of any kind for any class. QCTS does not permit sharing of proprietary information of any kind for any class with anyone and/or business.
Courses vary in contact hours as well as subscription length. Completion is dependent on the student’s availability to complete the lessons and show understanding of the information. Estimated contact hours and the length of subscription can be found on the QC Training Services website within the individual course pages.