Organizational Improvement Fundamentals (Basic) – VIRTUAL

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Cost: $845
  • Number of Days: 18 hours - offered over a sequence of partial days

Course Summary

Introductory PricingThese LIVE, virtual, instructor-led classes will include short-term access to a recording of each session, so the registrants may review or make up missed sessions

Leading for Performance Improvement in Industry 4.0

The available literature for contemporary managers contains a plethora of case studies and models implemented by organizations throughout the world that demonstrate various improvement methodologies related to leadership and team success. In reviewing most of this published information, many variations of methodologies are examined. There are, however, a couple of similarities in that a formal structure is necessary and all these models involve people – the human capital of any organization.

In Organizational Improvement Fundamentals, the participants will become proficient in understanding the importance of basic improvement tools and the need for unbiased and consistent data gathering for further analysis. The mastery of these improvement tools will be demonstrated through in-class workshops that emphasize the basics of team participation. Recognizing team accomplishments and effective team facilitation as aligned to a common organization related objective requiring data analysis will be a primary learning outcome.

Target Audience

  • Professionals tasked with business operations process functions
  • Professionals who desire to advance their careers
  • Employees at all levels of an organization who desire to contribute in  transforming of a company to organizational excellence in Industry 4.0

Course Objectives

The participants in this program will become knowledgeable in:

  • Participating and contributing to high-performing teams
  • Contributing to the internal Knowledge Management processes
  • Analyzing the volumes of data produced by current sources such as ERP, Internet, Social Media, Surveys…
  • Developing proven process improvement tools in an objective, consistent, and quantifiable manner
  • Advancing personal and professional skills to support transition from managed processes to team led processes
  • Mastering the basics to achieve the exemplary!


Module 1 –   Elements of an Operations Process

  • Quality Management Systems overview
  • ISO 9001, FFDA. cGmp, ISO 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 17025
  • Basic documents
  • SOP’s Work Instructions, Blue-Prints, Standards, Pick Lists, Packing Lists
  • Document control

Module 2 –   Operational Requirements

  • Basic Blue-Print Reading
  • Understanding GD&T for shop operators and inspectors

Module 3 –   Quality Assurance Techniques

  • Inspection and sampling
  • Inspection tools: using and applying appropriately

Module 4 –   Basic Quality Improvement Tools

  • Understanding the 7 basic tools
  • Selecting and using tools in sequence
  • Data gathering techniques to assure objectivity and consistency of data

Module 5 –   Applying Data for Analysis

  • Control charts as key Performance Indicators
  • Basic SPC for evaluating variation and process improvement

Module 6 –   Risk Assessment

  • Evaluating types of risks
  • Quantifying risks
  • Understanding the impact of risk