Measurement Uncertainty – Online

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Course Summary

This course is an introductory presentation about Measurement Uncertainty concepts and calculations required of most calibration and testing laboratories accredited to ISO standards. Topics of uncertainty concepts, basic statistics, distributions, calculations, uncertainty budgets, types of uncertainty, and uncertainty budget software are included.

Target Audience

Calibration technicians, quality managers, engineers, quality technicians, and other users of uncertainty budgets.

Course Objectives

This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete.


I. Basic Measurement Uncertainty Concepts

Why do we need uncertainty and what is it?
Importance of uncertainty in measurements
Uncertainty Analysis Concepts  Measurements, error, and uncertainty components
Random and systematic errors

II. Basic Statistics Concepts 

Populations and Samples
Data, means, modes and medians
Standard deviation and variance
RSS (Root-sum-squares)
RMS (Root mean square)
Confidence levels
Combination of variances

III. Basic Statistics Concepts

Statistical math for uncertainty analysis
The analysis process
Type A computations
Type B computations
Combining uncertainties
Sensitivity coefficients
Degrees of freedom
Expanded uncertainty

IV. Uncertainty Budgets

Role in accreditation, liability, traceability
Accepted definitions of uncertainty
Analyzing and interpreting data
Uncertainty statements and notes

V. Reporting Uncertainty

ISO “Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement” (GUM)

VI. Uncertainty Budget Software  

Software for Creating Uncertainty Budgets
Gage R&R Studies

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