Measurement Uncertainty Analysis – Online

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  • Subject Category: Technical
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Course Summary

Advance your career with a low-cost online course in measurement uncertainty analysis, tools and techniques.

Target Audience

Calibration technicians, quality managers, engineers, quality technicians, and other users of uncertainty budgets.

Course Objectives

This course takes approximately 8 hours to complete.
  • Introduction
    • Measurement Assurance, Measurement Ratios, Unacceptable examples, Accuracy, Precision, Bias, Linearity, Repeatability, Reproducibility, Type A and Type B Uncertainty
  • Uncertainty Budgets
    • Components, Sources of Uncertainty
  • Essentials of Expressing Measurement Uncertainty
    • Definitions, Evaluating, Distributions; Uniform, Triangular, Nominal, Combining, Expanded, Examples
  • Specification
    • Coverage Factors, Confidence Limits Correlation, Reporting Uncert; Manufacturer, User, Capabilities Statement, Traceability
  • Risk Analysis Introduction
    • Quantification, Consumer vs Producer, Approximation Methods, Measurement; Average Quality Level, Distribution, Bias, TUR, Guardband Limits, Interval Width, Delta Specification Limit, EOP, Intolerance
  • Related Statistical Tools
    • PMAP, Process Capability, Gage R & R, ANOVA, Models for Measurement Uncertainty Analysis, Sample Plans, Structure of Random Samples, Reverse Standards
  • Standards
    • Background and list of member organizations NIST-1297, ISO-GUM, NASA
  • Software
    • Features and Benefits; ISG, Compaq, Dikken, Boeing, Gage R & R
  • Features and Benefits
    • Statistics, JMP, Minitab
  • Summary
    • Developing a Company Specific Uncertainty Guide
  • Contributors
    • AIAG, Raymond Gill, AMETEK – Richardo Nicholas, Boeing – Michael Czech, St. Jude Medical – Warren Wong, Fluke – NIST, NASA – David Dikken, MTL

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