Lean Enterprise Basics

  • Delivery Option: On-Site Only
  • Subject Category: Core Tools
  • Number of Days: 1

Course Summary

This introductory fast-paced workshop is tailored for individuals who will be helping their organization to make the transition to a lean operating philosophy. It explains the history, basic principles, terminology and philosophies of lean. It also provides guidelines for value stream mapping and converting a process to a lean operation.


“The training provides common sense approaches that we all follow (at times), but taking the training makes you take the time to recognize the importance of implementing the approaches.” – Barbara, CO

“I learned about new ways to look at old problems and it was very helpful.” – Michael, CO

Target Audience

Open to everyone who wants to know what Lean is and how to apply it. Those who want to separate fact from fiction about this straightforward, disciplined approach to waste elimination through a culture that seeks to “accomplish more with less” in today’s environment.

Course Objectives

  • Eliminate waste, add customer value, and improve performance
  • History (TPS House)
  • Lean Definitions
  • Lean and its CI process counterparts
    • 6 Sigma
    • TQM
    • TOC
    • ISO 9000
    • BPM
  • Understanding Lean Basics
    • Value Stream
    • Flow
    • Pull and TAKT Time
    • Kanban
    • Kaizen
    • Visual Management
    • 5S
    • JIT
    • Jidoka
    • Lean “Toolbox”
    • Standard work and measurement
    • Andon Boards
    • Management Tools
    • Gemba
  • Foundational wisdom
    • Customer
    • Waste (7 most common plus some more!)
    • Value added
    • MUDA: Type I and Type II
    • Respect for people (culture) and Quality at the source
Note: If you would like some hands-on experience in Lean principals, you may want to register for our 1-day Kaizen Event workshop to better understand what the typical 5-day Kaizen event entails.


Understanding the language of “Lean” and the why and how this has become a proven approach that aligns everything in the business to deliver increasing customer value. Elimination of waste and deficiencies has become the mantra of “doing more with less” in today’s competitive world.