Kaizen Event

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Core Tools
  • Cost: $425
  • Number of Days: 1

Course Summary

The Kaizen Event or “Blitz” is an intentional, focused, usually short-term project to improve a process. Substantial resources- Engineering, Maintenance, Cell Operators, and others are available for immediate deployment. After a brief review of the basics of Lean, this workshop conveys you to the essentials of Kaizen and prepares you for the traditional 5-day event.

Target Audience

Anyone (particularly teams) involved in, or managing, a Kaizen Event.


Lean Enterprise Basics or fundamental knowledge of Lean concepts

Course Objectives

  • The fundamental objective of Lean
  • Kaizen as the “how” in achieving Value Stream waste reduction
  • The language and tools of Kaizen
  • A review of Lean thinking and history
  • Kaizen as a way of life/company musts
  • Kaizen philosophy and in action
  • The 5-day planning and implementation schedule
    • Selecting projects/sources
    • Project methodology/analysis steps
    • Individual projects
    • Group projects/team
  • The workshop
    • Values and behavior in mass production and lean
    • Setting objectives
    • Planning
    • Conducting
    • Sustaining


The goal of Kaizen is to eliminate waste in the value stream. This is performed through just-in-time delivery, leveling “production” output, achieving standardized work, pacing (takt time), equipment sizing, reducing inventory, and much more. Kaizen is done as incremental process improvement to improve quality and safety, and to reduce cost.