Auditing to ISO 17025

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  • Subject Category: Auditing
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  • Number of Days: 2

Course Summary

On completion you will be able to understand what behavior and activities are required of you in order for your work to be conformant to the 17025 standard.


“Great course. I learned a lot more information and gained more understanding to ISO 17025.” – Trayton

“Outstanding presentation of applicable material directly related to the future of my career.” – Justin, AZ

“Class was really enjoyable and a lot of pertinent information was passed on.” – Faith, HI


Course Objectives

Understand what behavior and activities are required of you in order for your work to be conformant to the 17025 standard. Those wanting to become knowledgeable in ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, and/or want to become qualified in performing internal audits shoud attend. This class is attended by both potential assessors and personnel from laboratories seeking accreditation. Attendees seeking to apply the information from the course to their respective laboratory should be familiar with their laboratory’s technical operations in order to fully benefit from the course in their pursuit for ISO/IEC 17025 compliance.


Our Auditing to ISO 17025 course is designed to enable you to develop a solid understanding of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard and be able to audit your laboratory to the standard.
This course will help you understand all of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 elements; cover the full range of assessment techniques and good practices, benefit from practical assessment exercises, gain an understanding and assessing uncertainty, traceability, and PT/ILC, get practical experience of planning, running, and reporting on assessments.


  • Documentary Standards – Definitions and Applications.
  • Conformance to Standards – Discussion of quality systems and standards.
  • The Assessment Process – What takes place during an assessment?
  • Documentation – What documentation is used?
  • Details of 17025 Section 4 – Management Requirements – A section by section study.
  • Details of 17025 Section 5 – Technical Requirements – A section by section study.
  • After the Assessment – How to respond to problems.
  • Auditors Notes
  • Open Book Exam