Introduction to Measurement & Calibration – Online

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Course Summary

This online Introduction to Measurement & Calibration course will cover the field of metrology including standards that govern quality measurement, the type of instruments used for measuring in manufacturing and in the global marketplace, and the ‘how to’ and importance of measurement.

Target Audience

Any individual working in the quality lab, calibration lab, or supporting the measurement and calibration functions of a lab should attend including technicians, engineers, inspectors, operators, and administrative support personnel.

Course Objectives


An easy to access, menu driven curriculum allows the learner to concentrate on the topics specific to their job requirements. For anyone taking measurements, new hires, students or a refresher for technicians. A logon feature and a printed final test result provides required documentation of training.


Definition of metrology; measurements in manufacturing; measurement in the global marketplace; importance of measurement

Development and Concerns of Metrology

Need for better measurements; determine and describe the differences between resolution, accuracy, precision; calibration; Type A Uncertainty, Type B Uncertainty; review questions

Standards and Standardization

Working standards, check standards, international standards, levels of standard accuracy ís; accuracy ratio between levels of calibration pyramid: requirements of traceability: metrology standardization documents; review questions

Managing the Metrology System

When a metrology system is needed; components of a metrology system; periodic calibration; determining period, fixed time intervals or other means, measurement assurance; record keeping, categories on a good record keeping form, computer record keeping programs, record stickers; documented procedures; components of a procedure, standardization documents, ISO and QS9000, ANSI Z-540, ISO 25, Malcolm Baldrige, training; components of a training program, records, review questions

Making Good Measurements: Elements of a Measurement System

Measuring instrument (calibration); calibration pyramid, relating the instrument to the national standard; unit under test; preparation of the UUT; fixture or jig setup; measuring procedure; operator; analysis of measured data; display of final analyzed result; measurement assurance, isolating errors, capability study, gage R & R; review questions

Units and Measurement Instruments

Length; rulers, height gages, optical comparators, micrometer/calipers, metrology laser, others: roundness, squareness, flatness, surface finish, area, volume, Mass: balances (single-pan, dual pan, electronic) Time: electronic counters, atomic clocks, Temperature; thermometers (liquid-in-glass, metallic stem, thermostats, electrical thermometric, thermistors) flow; flowmeters (rotation, pressure drop, positive displacement) electrical quantities; DC voltages (meters), resistance (multimeters), DC current, AC measures, review questions

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