Implementing ISO 14001:2015

  • Delivery Option: On-Site Only
  • Subject Category: Auditing
  • Number of Days: 2 days

Course Summary

Use this training to Jumpstart (or re-start) your ISO 14001:2015 Implementation Project!
This course is designed for participants who need to implement ISO 14001:2015 within their organization. Participants will understand the requirements and the implications for their organization and will acquire tools that will help them:
* Fully understand and successfully interpret the ISO 14001:2015 requirements
* Achieve the benefits that are inherent within the ISO 14001:2015 requirements
* Proceed with their project in a timely, cost effective manner
* Understand the obligations directed or implied within the ISO 14001:2015 requirements
* Create a communication plan for your organization, management and executives
* Develop a project plan including timeline and assigned responsibility for specific tasks

Target Audience

* People who are looking for a course that will provide the skills necessary to successfully implement ISO 14001:2015.
* Project managers who are looking for an in-depth, start to finish understanding, of how to manage a successful project.
* Project managers and members of an ISO 14001:2015 implementation team who want to know the specific steps to undertake to assure a successful project.
* Members of ISO 14001:2015 project teams who want to gain critical knowledge to move their organization toward cost effective.
* Project Managers who want to use the latest project management techniques to effectively manage their project.

Course Objectives

Enable you to manage your project with:
*  Fewer missed steps
*  Shorter timeframe
*  Reduced cost
*  Reduced frustration
*  Less effort
*  Everybody wins


Personnel who attend this course will leave with:

    • A detailed project timeline that has been customized for their organization and its unique needs
    • A complete understanding of the project management steps necessary for success
    • A list of implications for their organization
    • A communication plan for Top Managers, Managers and decision makers and employees
    • A list of barriers unique to their organization and a plan for overcoming these
    • A project task list that is customized to their organization with names assigned to each task
    • A resource plan including a project budget
    • A Gap Analysis that identifies and prioritizes the areas requiring the most work
    • The confidence necessary to proceed with a successful project


The agenda and course content described below has been created by Quality Management and Educational experts with the goal of making your project a success. This is a hands on course with each student walking away from the course with “deliverables” that are intended to jump start your ISO 14001:2015 project.

This course can be customized to meet the unique implementation needs of your organization.


Day One

  • Background and Introduction
  • The contents of ISO 14001:2015
  • Activity #1 Implications of the Requirements
  • Discussion of Activity #1
  • Strategies for Making the Requirements Work for Your Organization
  • Project Management
  • Gap Analysis Activity #2

Day Two

  • Student Activity #3 Identifying and Communicating Anticipated Benefits
  • Student Activity #4 Differences in Approach to be Communicated
  • Student Activity #5 Anticipated Involvement (Scope of Work)
  • Student Activity #6 First Steps in Initiating the Project
  • Student Activity #7 Responsibilities within the Project
  • Student Activity #8 Reporting and controlling project results
  • Student Activity #9 Identification of Business Factors
  • Student Activity #10 Driving and Restraining Forces
  • Student Activity #11 Skills Acquisition Planning
  • Student Activity #12 Anticipated Resources
  • Student Activity #13 Budget and Deadlines
  • Student Activity #14 Building a Project Plan and Timeline
  • Selecting a Certification Body
  • Project Notes