GD&T Functional Gage Design (2-day)

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Cost: $950
  • Number of Days: 2

Course Summary

This 2-day workshop explores gage design principles, common mistakes, inspection machines, substitute systems, surface plane inspection and much more.

Target Audience

Anyone involved in manufacturing process – from design to inspection.

Course Objectives

By learning the proper application of functional gaging and inspection techniques you will increase your production of quality parts. Understand how to design and build your functional gaging and inspection processes and develop inspection criteria directly related to the part’s application. Inspect and measure with confidence.


  • Gage Design Principles
    • Next assembly analysis
    • Datum reference frames
  • Surface Plate Gaging Principles
    • How to replicate fixtures
    • How to replicate functional gaging
    • Inspection & gaging policy
    • Combining attributes & variables gaging
  • Tooling Hole Fixturing and Inspection
    • Maximum material condition fixtures
    • Regardless of feature size fixtures
  • SPC Gaging Principles
  • Functional Gaging with Coordinate Measuring Machines
    • Software setups
    • Fixture setups
    • Process capability studies
  • Gaging according to ASME Y14.5M-1994
    • How to inspect/gage each of the 14 geometric characteristics
  • Layout Gaging
    • Date rotation
    • Date translation
  • Low-Cost Gaging Principles Optical Gaging Thread Gaging
    • Principles of chart design
    • Attributes and variables
    • Variables data from optical charts gaging & inspection
  • The Six-Step Gage Design Review Methodology
    • A team analysis based on transparencies of parts