Corrective Action (Self-Directed Learning)

  • Delivery Option: Self-Directed
  • Subject Category: Core Tools
  • Number of Days: 8-10 hours

Course Summary

This Corrective Action program teaches employees how to use a simple, effective 8-step approach to correcting – and preventing – problems or nonconformities that exist anywhere in their organizations. It can help to satisfy quality management system requirements for planning and establishing a process for corrective action.

Target Audience

Any employee who will conduct a corrective action or participate as a team member, or any individual who simply wishes to learn more about the 8-step approach.

Course Objectives

  • Determining Ownership
  • Defining the Problem
  • Isolating and Containing the Symptoms
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Identifying and Verifying an Effective Corrective Action
  • Implementing and Validating the Corrective Action
  • Taking Preventive Action to Avoid Potential Problems
  • Acknowledging the Improvement


Overview of Corrective Action Definition of corrective action Benefits of corrective action Overview of the 8-step approach
  • Step 1: Determine Ownership Individual vs. team ownership Team members” qualifications Team roles and responsibilities
  • Step 2: Define the Problem Characteristics of a good problem definition Goal statements Symptoms vs. problems
  • Step 3: Isolate and Contain the Problem Effective short-term solutions Factors to consider for short-term actions
  • Step 4: Determine Root Cause Definition of root cause Occur and escape cause paths Tools for root cause analysis Verifying the root cause
  • Step 5: Choose a Corrective Action Developing appropriate solutions Criteria for effective solutions Verifying corrective actions
  • Step 6: Implement and Validate the Corrective Action Creating an implementation plan Executing the plan Instituting the changes
  • Step 7: Prevent Recurrence Analyzing the system Improving the system
  • Step 8: Acknowledge the Improvement Benefits of acknowledgment Forms of acknowledgment


What’s Included?
4 DVDs
1 Instructor’s Guide
1 PowerPoint Presentation
1 Participant”s Guide