CMS Metrology Certification Level One-Review & Exam

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Cost: $2850
  • Number of Days: 3 days

Course Summary

What is a CMS Certification?

Career-enhancing credentials earned through the Coordinate Metrology Society’s (CMS) Certification program can set you apart in the metrology industry. Level-One Certification assessment for measurement professionals is designed to recognize key skills and knowledge essential to the workplace today.

Part of the application requirement for the Level-One CMS Certification is an online exam. This Prep Course is designed to help prepare the student for the Level-One examination and provide the opportunity to take the exam.

We will review the 5 key knowledge areas in the exam:

  1. Interpretation of Design Documents,
  2. Measurement Device Knowledge,
  3. Pre-measurement Planning,
  4. Measurement Operations, and
  5. Data Analysis & Ethics

There will be 2.5 days of interactive review with the instructor. The student will take the 4-hour exam at the end of the second day.

Upon registration, the student will be given instructions on how to

  1. begin the CMS Certification Application process, and
  2. sign-up for the CMS Certification Level-One exam.

Training and exam administration will be provided by East Coast Metrology (ECM), a CMS approved proctor.  Certification processing and approval can typically take up to 4 weeks.

Target Audience

Candidates for the CMS Level-One test.


The basic requirements for a Level-One Certified 3D Metrologist are:

  • A professional who uses portable (PCMM) or traditional (CMM) 3D metrology technology to collect measurements and interpret data from a variety of contact and non-contact 3D measurement devices.
  • Two (2) years of experience in 3D metrology, one (1) year of which was in a position of responsibility demonstrating professional knowledge and competence.
  • References from four people who are holding, or who have held, responsible positions in metrology and have first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s professional and personal qualifications.
  • Declaration of compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Coordinate Metrology Society.
  • Successful completion of the certification Application for CMS Level-One Certification.

Course Objectives

The student will begin the certification process.

The goal of the preparation course is to refresh some basic concepts of metrology in the student’s mind prior to the Level-One certification test, including some that are not part of the typical CMM programmer’s daily duties but are on the exam.   The course reviews roughly 50 individual sub-topics within the five key knowledge areas in the exam.

Some highlights include discussions about drawing practice, GD&T, environmental effects, temperature compensation, uncertainty calculations, SPC, metrology-based mathematics, and the test format and procedure.

Because students are experienced and highly qualified, the level of discussion is technical. Learning is optimized by these discussions and interactions with the exam-relevant material delivered by the instructor.

On the third day, the student will take the pre-registered Level-One Certification Exam online.


This review course is primarily geared towards the CMM – Traditional exam.  However, students who desire to be certified on the portable CMM may benefit as well.  Approximately 75% of the material is common between the CMM-Traditional and the CMM-Portable exams.  The student can elect to take either exam.


2.5 Days – Review

0.5 Days – Online Certification Exam


Copy of the review PowerPoint is provided.