Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) Review – VIRTUAL

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Certification
  • Cost: $1595
  • Number of Days: 32 hours - offered over a sequence of partial days

Course Summary

These LIVE, virtual, instructor-led classes will include short-term access to a recording of each session, so the registrants may review or make up missed sessions.

Every organization needs skilled professionals to keep their equipment working.  Whether the IT system, the building infrastructure or the operational equipment, each has a unique life span and a failure rate.  The Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) is a professional who can evaluate what it takes to maintain that equipment most economically and keep them functioning safely and reliably.  The CRE course provides the background and understanding of the life cycle and failure modes to maximize equipment uptime at often a significant cost savings.  Certification from ASQ demonstrates a level of professionalism recognized throughout the world.

Target Audience

Those who benefit most from this course are people in reliability and maintenance, regardless of the organizational department.  It is especially useful for staff assigned to develop a reliability department.  Past participants include reliability engineers and technicians, quality, maintenance, process and design engineers, as well as the managers of each of these departments.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to review equipment designs and controls, predict, estimate and apportion resources for equipment and understand failure modes and effects analysis.  The course also includes understanding all aspects of reliability testing, evaluating field failures, mathematical modeling and the human factors affecting reliability.  The goal is to help the participants prepare themselves to pass the ASQ – CRE exam.  Exam applications are obtained through ASQ and must be completed and approved on or before the ASQ application deadlines.

CRE Body of Knowledge


  1. Reliability Fundamentals
  2. Risk Management
  3. Probability and Statistics for Reliability
  4. Reliability Planning, Testing and Modeling
  5. Life-Cycle Reliability


Because this is an on-line, virtual course, the attendee will need to download and use virtual meeting-ware for interacting with the instructor and other participants in the class.  This includes both audio and visual (PC Camera) equipment as well as the ability to view and display screen shots.  In addition, the participants should bring examples of reliability issues they regularly must address.  The text for this course is the Quality Council of Indiana CQE Primer.  We also encourage purchase of the Quality Council of Indiana Exam Preparation software.  Participants should also have a non-programmable statistics calculator, such as the Texas Instruments TI-36X-Pro or the Cassio fc-991MS.