Certified Quality Inspector (CQI) Review

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Certification
  • Cost: $1225
  • Number of Days: 3

Course Summary

Advance your career and attain the credential of ASQ Certified Quality Inspector. This 3-day (24-hour) course includes classroom instruction along with group discussion, as well as sample training materials to prepare you for the ASQ exam.

Target Audience

Quality personnel who are preparing for the ASQ Certified Quality Inspector (CQI) exam or want to further their professional development along with Quality Auditors, Engineers, and Managers who are interested in a refresher course.

Course Objectives

This review course is designed to assist in preparing each student for the CQI exam. These examinations are offered through the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Completion of these review programs through QC Training Services, Inc. will not guarantee that you will pass the exam, but will offer a broad review on the Body of Knowledge, and greatly increase your probability of success in obtaining your certification. Exam applications are obtained through ASQ and must be completed and approved on or before the ASQ application deadlines. The application is not available through QC Training Services, Inc. and the associated costs of the application process are not included in this program. Please refer to the complete course description for additional details and a breakdown of typical course content.


  • Technical Mathematics
  • Metrology
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Quality Assurance


CQI Insert


Since this is a review course, students are expected to obtain their own materials and study as much as possible prior to the review date. We will be referencing the Quality Council of Indiana CQI Primer, Solutions Text and Exam CD as we teach this review course. If you would like to purchase materials consistent with the material being presented in the review course, they are available through Quality Council of Indiana.
The student is encouraged to bring a calculator with trig functions to class. The instructor will use the TI30Xa, so that would be preferred. Keep in mind that ASQ exam administrators will not allow smart phones during the exam.