Calibration/Test Lab Management: Beyond 17025

  • Delivery Option: Public & On-Site
  • Subject Category: Technical
  • Cost: $1795
  • Number of Days: 3 days

Course Summary

Does your lab manager have formal management training or experience? This course is designed for new lab managers or managers who would like a refresher or different perspective. It teaches you how to get to know your lab through the application of various metrics.

Satisfy your ASQ or company Continuing Education requirements. Running a cal or test lab today is more than just making sure that an instrument that arrives for calibration is returned to its owner in due time.  The pressures of business and competition demand that this be done in the most effective way — “Doing what the customers want, when they want it, at the least cost to the organization.”  This is running an effective lab.  The student will leave this course with new tools and ideas they might have thought impossible, before.

Target Audience

Refresher for experienced lab managers or those who have not had formal lab management training, new or prospective lab managers.


Twenty hours of eLearning prerequisite (included).

Course Objectives

  • Unique properties of managing a Test/Calibration operation — beyond 17025
  • Effective Communication — To customers and the boss
  • How to manage lab personnel
  • Customer Satisfaction — How to measure it and how to improve it
  • How to measure lab efficiency & effectiveness
  • Measuring technician productivity — just how productive are they?
  • How to measure the cost of the lab operation
  • How to improve productivity
  • How to decipher a manufacturer’s specifications
  • How to make the right decision when purchasing capital assets for the lab


Workshop includes e-learning prerequisite, certificate of completion, and lunch.