Statistical Process Control (SPC) – Advanced

  • Delivery Option: On-Site Only
  • Subject Category: Core Tools
  • Number of Days: 2 days

Course Summary

In this Advanced Statistical Process Control course, students will study effective methods to remove guesswork from quality metrics, eliminate or reduce inspection levels, and increase overall knowledge to improve the production process.

Course Objectives

This workshop is a follow-up to our Basic SPC course. You will expand your fundamental understanding of Statistical Process Control by discovering new tools and methods taught in this course.
The course objectives are:
  • Describe the purpose of SPC
  • Understand the importance of working in groups
  • Understand the quality tools used to solve problems determined by SPC and the data collection process
  • Apply fundamental SPC concepts
  • Calculate basic statistical parameters
  • Construct and interpret variables and attribute control charts
  • Interpret process capability


The student is encouraged to bring a scientific calculator with trig functions, such as the TI30Xa, to class.