2019 – The Year of Learning!

Industry 4.0 is here to stay and will penetrate every aspect of what we do or will be doing.  This is made possible by the cyber-physical systems being implemented, with many more added every minute.  This environment is made feasible by the knowledge worker and automation companion working at a faster pace than ever imagined before.  But that poses its own challenges. The enabling technology is changing faster than the capability of individuals who are responsible for learning and maintaining them.

That said:

Increased industrial automation will demand more competency now and for the foreseeable future. In the article “Manufacturing Ends 2018 With Strong Job Gains”, the author states that “new manufacturing jobs have been created requiring increased skill because of increased automation and technology in factories.”

Baby Boomer retirement is bound to peak in 2020 – Planning for future staffing needs and essential training is paramount, and not just for the next shift!

• Student loan debt has doubled in the last 10 years – But more students are graduating, hungry for work and then eventually ready to join the economy. How can they be trained to fill the skills gap?

• Based on the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, unemployment is at an all-time low. And everyone is hiring! Either we do not have enough workforce or there is not enough trained personnel. How can your learning programs proactively prevent this deficit?  

Invest in training now! The benefit in a rewarding future for the employee as well as the employer is unquestioned.  Current APPRENTICESHIP programs are a well-established proof of this fact.

• Recession is coming!  If you want to survive, reduce costs now through greater productivity of trained employees, or by having to eliminate future essential positions.  The choice is yours!

How are you or your employer poised for learning and development in 2019? What are your challenges and solutions to position your company to handle the Skills Gap?

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